Hervé Duval, SC

Elevated to the rank of Senior Counsel in 2016, Hervé Duval became the youngest member of the Inner Bar after only 18 years of practice.

Best known for high profile litigations, he is first and foremost a corporate lawyer: The discreet trusted adviser behind many commercial transactions. Hervé also has wide experience in regulatory work.

Hervé has been actively involved in promoting Mauritius as an arbitration-friendly jurisdiction. He was published in the official program of the 23rd Congress of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) that was held for the first time in Africa in May 2016.

He regularly acts as resource person for the Institute of Judicial and Legal Studies of Mauritius in relation to the Mauritius Legal System, Ethics and Company Law related topics. He is also a trainer in advocacy.

Hervé's tenure as the Chairman of the Bar Council and President of the Mauritius Bar Association (January 2018 to January 2019) generated a lot of attention inside and outside the profession, especially for the 3 I's Initiatives – Integrity, Independence & Innovation launched at the Mauritius 2018 Bar Council Conference.

The Managing Director of Ahnee-Duval, Law Firm read law at the University of Western Australia (Australia).

Hervé Duval's Latest Publications


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