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Understanding and applying the ‘central management and control’ principle in authorised companies

As part of the 2019 reform of the Global Business sector with a view to eliminate ring fencing within our tax regime and to adhere to […]

Finance Act 2021: What employers need to know about disciplinary procedures

Several changes brought to the Workers’ Rights Act 20191  [WRA 2019] in the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2021 [FMPA 2021], have come into operation since August […]

Betamax – A golden opportunity to tackle Grand Corruption

A case for a Commission of Inquiry into grand corruption: This piece is a liberal translation of my last article for our website, echoed in the […]

Betamax : Les Truands, Les Brutes et Nous bons Couillons

Voir l’État se délester de Rs 5,6 milliards, payées en dollars, alors que les finances publiques sont dans le rouge, est une pilule dure à avaler.

Pour une autre consultation salutaire !

L’exercice de consultation initié par l’Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), régulateur opérant sous l’égide du ministère des Technologies de l’information, de la Communication et de l’Innovation, est salutaire à plus d’un titre...